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Pa Paandi (Tamil)

Pa PandiThis is a different movie. Specially, for Tamil movies stooped in masala chewing gum, this is a refreshing change. A 60+ man feeling lonely is seeking to find his first love from his younger age. He is known as Power Pandi, a legacy from his work as stunt master for movies.

Raj Kiran is Pa Pandi. He fits the part. I normally like his style of acting. But felt something was missing. Not sure if Dhanush’s first direction venture left some stones un-turned.

Yet, Pa Pandi is very watchable and is a good entertainer. Revathi is a gem and can make herself felt in one scene. Prasanna lends good support. Good movie for easy watching.
Rating M (some violence)3 STARS


Amma Kanakku (T)


This is a gem of a movie. Takes Indian cinema few notches up in a gentle and a heart warming way. The movie is a remake of the Hindi film ‘Nil Battey Sannata’. When I was lamenting that most of the Tamil films are same old same trash, this movie is a refreshing and gentle tearjerker. Marvellous movie.

The story is about the aspirations of a poor mother for her child. With no emotional or sentimental over dose this movie is brought to life by Amal Paul, Samuthrikani and good old Revathy.

Amala Paul transforms has a poor but determined Chennai ‘Vellikari’  with a scintillating performance. She talks to your heart and reminds you of the dreams you have/had for your children when they were growing up. Rarely do I get involved to the point of tear drops welling in my eyes. Good movie and must see for all families. Specially with the children.

Rated: G5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars