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This is a powerful and confronting movie at many levels. The overriding theme is not a new one. Every liberty, freedom, choice and right comes with a responsibility. If you want to exercise your rights then you do so, understanding the responsibility that comes with it. It also explores the meaning of the word ‘NO’ in the context of men and women relationship.

In a country which is still evolving and adopting few western concepts without the safety net of the culture, or the protection of law, this is even more  an important issue.  There is a fine line, a  ‘Lakshman Rekha’ which needs to be accepted. Crossing the line is with peril and consequences which may be dire. Add to this the concept that the women’s body and its use is her ‘right’ not an ‘obligation’.

India is a land where one of the celebrated epic portraits a women being disrobed in front of her protectors and the learned and just men around her are keeping quiet! We have to change this image to one where women’s rights are protected by law and the society. No better way to enunciate this than with the medium of the movie. But, the movie also balances the issue by  highlighting the responsibility which goes with the right and the penalty for discarding it.

The location is New Delhi. Three young girls get into serious trouble and become one more case of ‘’victim of a crime is made to be the perpetrator’. The movie is about the case in a court of law. You feel you are sitting in the court and feeling the intensity of the drama that unfolds.

Gandhiji famously said freedom is about a woman walking alone at night. We are no where there. One may argue ‘I used to do so’. Either you are lucky or did not understand the risks. They are constant and present.  Better to err on the side of caution rather than get in to spiraling devastation.

IN my opinion, if you place the weight of all the roles Amitabh Bachchan has done and his role as the defense council on the other side, the scale will tilt on the ‘Pink’ side. Once in a life time role delivered spectacularly without over acting, sentimental overdose or ‘desi stereotype’. Mesmerizing performance supported by the cast, low key sets, lighting and the mood it creates.

The movie has Indian actors and they speak in Hindi and English. But the movie has relevance anywhere in the world. For the first time the Indian cinema steps out of the ‘stereo type’ clichés and main stream commercial recycling and has produced a good movie.

I believe men and women of certain age should watch this movie and so should all parents. It is a changing world and we need to change.

Superb movie for 15+. I am giving 5 stars only because it is the limit.

Watch it in a theater. Support this movie so that it will encourage others to produce non commercial chewing gums. Talk to your son and or daughter and get them to comprehend the society we live, their rights and responsibilities.

Water mark. Happens once in a way.