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Pathemari_film_posterPatemari (Malayalam) (Dhow) is about the life of an immigrant worker in Dubai. Mammooty holds the movie with his brand of silky smooth acting and restricted sentimental dose. Brilliant!

If you ever lived and worked in the Middle East this movie will make a lot of sense and bring a wave of nostalgia.

One man earns and the rest of the family find way to spend and overspend. He lives and perishes and feels a sense of achievement.

Why only Malayalam movies make them so natural and life like. The cast don’t act but appear. You get a window seat in their life. Adore it.
Rating G3 STARS


Dhanak (Hindi)

Dhanak_theatrical_release_poster_thumb.jpgFor a change an Indian movie portrays love between a sister and her blind younger brother. So sensitive and realistic you will get very close to them and relive your own childhood. I went back in time and was holding my sister’s hand and we were happily walking to school. I was the happy kid once again dreaming of everything that is good in this world. Such a refreshing and positive theme is a rarity, specially in main stream Hindi movie.

Set in Rajasthan, this is a gem of a movie which underplays and effectively brings across childish innocence. Beautifully acted by Hetal Gadda (sister) and Krrish Chhabria (brother). The two just live like normal kids on the screen.  The sister’s mission is to get her brother’s eye sight and the story revolves around this main theme. You get to sit on your arm chair and the screen unfolds with beautiful sandy deserts of Rajasthan as the back drop and paints the adventures of the kids in a way that will pull a string in your heart. Do watch it with your family and siblings.  I am rating this movie 6 stars.

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