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Aparajitha Tumi (Bengali)–You, Undefeated



On a cold winter night we stumbled across this movie and started watching. It was an intriguing movie which kept as riveted to the screen.  Rarely do we get to watch Indian movies for matured adults. This truly is one.
The story is set in San Francisco and involves two couples. Nothing new about the story, the incidents and the end. But the treatment and the acting makes it a wonderful movie to watch. Padmapriya Janakiraman and Kamalini Mukerjee (Godavari fame) turn in a wonderful performance. The movie is underplayed with no usual ‘masala’ addition. Some may find this movie dark and bleak but it is a good watch. Watch it with your partner.

Rated: M (Adult themes)
New Rating: Sad Happy5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars


Manjadikuru (Malayalam: English: Lucky Red Seeds)

This movie has won lots of awards. National and International. Deserves everyone of them. Yet another riveting movie from Kerala.

The movie is in four layers.The elder (father) of a family (disjointed)  in a Kerala village dies and the family (4 sisters and two brothers) comes down for the last rites. The siblings are not necessarily happy and friendly to each other.  A few of them are also vying for the property. They form a layer.

The children of the siblings (two boys, Vicki, Kannan and a girl) form the layer two.

Roja, a domestic help trafficked from Tamil Nadu to work in this family  and treated badly by the people of the house hold (played by Vyjayanthi whose real life is no different to the character she plays ) is the layer three.

The fourth layer is the narration (voice and a small appearance by Prithviraj), in the background, by the older Vicki of his recollection of the happenings of the 16 days that follows someones death.

Anjali Menon (writer and director and awardee ‘Best Debut Direction by a Woman at New Jersey ISACF, New York, US’) like a ‘spinning plates’ trickster, spins a wonderful and intriguing story of each of the layers by themselves at times and together at other times. The movie handles expertly the complexity of  the grownups and contrasts it with pure happiness of childhood. The backcloth for all the drama is a beautiful Kerala village. Prithviraj acts with his voice! The rest of the cast is maneuvered skillfully by the director into good performances without overdose. With so many people in a  small space, the characters do not crowd you and create a chaos. You simple get a window seat to watch the family functioning in this case dis-functioning. Trade mark Malayalam movie.

The movie has a strong message about child labor and trafficking of girls into Kerala as domestic help and their abuse.In my opinion it teaches a lesson to the audience in  a way cinema is meant to.

Powerful movie and good watch for the whole family. Get young children to watch and teach them the right ways of life.

Rated G. Few scenes with a dead body and you may want to be with your young children.


Bahubali 2 Conclusion (Telugu)

Rarely the sequel is better than the original. Bahubali 2 is a colossal production improving on 1. The visual effects are mind boggling. This is a VMAX theater movie and a must see for big production lovers. The story continues from 1 and the producers have fine tuned the overall impact. I saw it on VMAX and was sitting spellbound for three hours. The sound quality is brilliant. Truly mesmerizing.

Don’t judge it, look for logic or look for rationality.  Sit back and live through the fantasy unfolding with tremendous impact. Hats off!

All the actors look like your characters from ‘Ambuli Mama’ have come true. The physicality of the two lead actors is a Telugu screen specialty.  Pity there is no Bahubali 3.

Not long from now you will see Mahabaratham and Ramayanam following. One day they may even make ‘Ponniyin Selvan’.

The movie is a giant leap and puts Indian cinema, specially Telugu cinema at its best and at par or better than  Hollywood big budget productions.

Rated M 15+ – Extreme violence.5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars

Haridas – Tamil

HaridasThere are times when you see a Hollywood movie an then sigh ‘When will they take a Tamil movie like this’. Well, here is one. For a change this movie sticks to the core story with no masala (just one exception).

Autistic child’s story with a police dad. The whole movie is underplayed and the acting is natural. This movie, in my opinion, is a welcome change from the traditional Tamil movie mold and a water mark movie. Acting kudos to Sneha, the child, the side kick to the dad and the dad.