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Bharat Ane Nenu (Telugu) I,Bharath


This is a refreshing political thriller.  A born in India, but raised in London youngster is made as the CM for Andhra Pradesh simply to act as a dummy. The idea of the kingmakers was to exploit is political naivety. The youngster thinks otherwise and starts a real nightmare. The drama unfolds and keeps the audience riveted. There is a lot to root for and many times you wish such a person exists and becomes the CM in real life. The movie raises the bar for Telugu movies. Well done.

Mahesh Babu has put in a tremendous effort and delivers a smooth, high tech political role. Perhaps one of his best movies to date. It has all the trappings of a Indian political thriller but somehow B.A.N. manages to keep you interested. The dialogues are crisp and attractive.  I would have liked the movie without few dance numbers but then commerce is still the driver.

Good watch.

Rating: PG

New Rating : Happy Happy.5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars


Bahubali 2 Conclusion (Telugu)

Rarely the sequel is better than the original. Bahubali 2 is a colossal production improving on 1. The visual effects are mind boggling. This is a VMAX theater movie and a must see for big production lovers. The story continues from 1 and the producers have fine tuned the overall impact. I saw it on VMAX and was sitting spellbound for three hours. The sound quality is brilliant. Truly mesmerizing.

Don’t judge it, look for logic or look for rationality.  Sit back and live through the fantasy unfolding with tremendous impact. Hats off!

All the actors look like your characters from ‘Ambuli Mama’ have come true. The physicality of the two lead actors is a Telugu screen specialty.  Pity there is no Bahubali 3.

Not long from now you will see Mahabaratham and Ramayanam following. One day they may even make ‘Ponniyin Selvan’.

The movie is a giant leap and puts Indian cinema, specially Telugu cinema at its best and at par or better than  Hollywood big budget productions.

Rated M 15+ – Extreme violence.5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars

Mr & Mrs Sailaja Krishnamurthy–Telugu

Mr Mrs shilaja

This is a 2004 release but joins the category of movies with evergreen appeal. This is an excellent family movie with no violence.

An atheist Krishna Murthy (Sivaji) travels to Annavaram on the  insistence of his aunt (Rama Prabha). An extremely religious girl  Sailaja (Laila) is also traveling to Annavaram to visit the temple of Lord Satyanarayana. They happen to be in the same train compartment. At Annavaram, to get a room they are forced to register as husband and wife (Mr. & Mrs Sailaja Krishna Murthy).

Due to circumstance they are separated without proper good bye and without any contact details. Back to their normal life Sailaja and Krishna Murthy realize that they had fallen in love. They start searching for each other in Hyderabad city.

Good performance by Laila and Sivaji brings the characters to life. Host of comedians put up a lively performance.  The outdoor shooting at Annavaram adds to the interest. Good family movie, humorous and romance with a twist.

Rating: Gthreepointfive_thumb.jpg

Julayi – Telugu

220px-Julai_poster If you want watch action, great comedy, good music, reasonable     acting and entertaining movie, all ion one, here is your answer. Allu Arjun and IIleana D”Cruz with the usual Telugu cast have come up with a pure escapism. I laughed heartily for a good two hours. Allu is a good dancer and reasonable actor. Boy! Illeana, ‘Is she the most waisty actress?’.

Get yourself a good print and watch and laugh.