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Pa Paandi (Tamil)

Pa PandiThis is a different movie. Specially, for Tamil movies stooped in masala chewing gum, this is a refreshing change. A 60+ man feeling lonely is seeking to find his first love from his younger age. He is known as Power Pandi, a legacy from his work as stunt master for movies.

Raj Kiran is Pa Pandi. He fits the part. I normally like his style of acting. But felt something was missing. Not sure if Dhanush’s first direction venture left some stones un-turned.

Yet, Pa Pandi is very watchable and is a good entertainer. Revathi is a gem and can make herself felt in one scene. Prasanna lends good support. Good movie for easy watching.
Rating M (some violence)3 STARS


Amma Kanakku (T)


This is a gem of a movie. Takes Indian cinema few notches up in a gentle and a heart warming way. The movie is a remake of the Hindi film ‘Nil Battey Sannata’. When I was lamenting that most of the Tamil films are same old same trash, this movie is a refreshing and gentle tearjerker. Marvellous movie.

The story is about the aspirations of a poor mother for her child. With no emotional or sentimental over dose this movie is brought to life by Amal Paul, Samuthrikani and good old Revathy.

Amala Paul transforms has a poor but determined Chennai ‘Vellikari’  with a scintillating performance. She talks to your heart and reminds you of the dreams you have/had for your children when they were growing up. Rarely do I get involved to the point of tear drops welling in my eyes. Good movie and must see for all families. Specially with the children.

Rated: G5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars

Saivam (T)

Saivam.jpgSome movies have eternal appeal and for the whole family. If you ever want to watch a clean, good movie, this 2014 movie will impress you. Story is set in a village and around a big family. Sara Arjun gives a stellar performance and steals your heart. The cast is large and everyone adds to the drama. Nassar leads the big cast and steers it to a memorable movie.

Singer Unnikrishnan’s eight-year-old daughter Uthara Unnikrishnan recorded the song “Azhagu” which won the National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer,making her the youngest winner of the prestigious award. This is family   viewing at best. You will be impressed by the ending.  Rating a big G.


Thoonga Vanam (T)



Thoongaa Vanam is a 2015 Tamil crime thriller starring Kamala Hasan in the lead role and supported by Prakash Raj, Not sure about the role by Trisha. The film is an adaptation of the 2011 French film Sleepless Night (French: Nuit Blanche).

Normally Tamil crime thrillers tends to be sloppy and sentimental. I found this is different. It involves drug, drug barons, kidnapping and rescue. Gripping movie keeping you interested. Kamala Hasan has underplayed the role and makes it realistic and close to the original.

Rating: PG (Drug, Adult themes and scenes)


Neerparavai–Sea Bird (T)


This is a wonderful movie, sensitive, moving and very appealing. Each frame feels like a painting.The story is about a young fisherman and his love. Very easily this movie can fall into category of  ‘Boy meets Girl’ stereotypical and badly made Tamil movie, but it does not. The story telling is simple and crisp. Excellent acting by Vishnu (MBA, Cricketer turned actor!) ,Sunaina and Nadita Das. The movie was shot in Manapad and Kulasekharapattinam and is a visual treat. Music score and songs are good and will find their way into your favorites list. Good Saturday night entertainer. Must watch a very good print to appreciate the visual treat by cinematographer Balasubramaniem.

Rated G – few binge drinking scenes.


Kalyana Samayal Sadam (T)


KSS is 2013 a funny Tamil movie with Prasanna (supported by Lekha Washington) handling serious and big issues humorously. One line review is watch it. Movie deals with erectile dysfunction  carefully and without being grotesque or obscene. It also takes on the big fat Brahmin wedding and projects the view from younger generation’s point of view. Laced with comedy it gets the message across. Had a good laugh. Good Sunday night movie for matured adults.

Refreshingly new Tamil movie laced with good comedy.



This is a story about three friends who love drinking alcohol. Their friends like to drink. Their dad likes too. 220px-Endrendrum_punnagaiGet ready to watch lot of drinking. Wondering if this the state of affairs in TN today.

In between the drinks break the story is around how the boy  (Jeeva) doesn’t want to meet girls and finally meets one anyway and loves her. The girl (Trisha) is radiant and stunning and puts in a matured performance. She looks fresh and can act too. The dance sequence in Europe is good. Technics behind the movie have come a long way and are crisp and start to compete with world class movies.

If you have watched Santhanam’s comedy  in few movies, then you can almost predict what is coming up. I believe he is very talented and under utilised. Can’t seem to hum any of the  song. Even more, seem to reminded of tunes from other movies.

One star