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Toilet Ek Prem Katha (H)


Marriages break up for any number of reasons. In the case of Keshav (Akshay Kumar) the villain is a ‘Toilet’ or the lack of it. Lighthearted comedy holding a torch light on meaningless superstitious practices and   the bane of the Indian society ‘ ‘the habit of defecating in public’. The movie stretches as far and does not cross the line of being a poor slap stick. Akshay Kumar turns in a decent performance supported by a number of characters, including a buffalo, his first wife in the movie. The movie supports Shri Modiji’s dream of clean India.
Good movie to watch with family.threepointfive

Rating: G


Dhanak (Hindi)

Dhanak_theatrical_release_poster_thumb.jpgFor a change an Indian movie portrays love between a sister and her blind younger brother. So sensitive and realistic you will get very close to them and relive your own childhood. I went back in time and was holding my sister’s hand and we were happily walking to school. I was the happy kid once again dreaming of everything that is good in this world. Such a refreshing and positive theme is a rarity, specially in main stream Hindi movie.

Set in Rajasthan, this is a gem of a movie which underplays and effectively brings across childish innocence. Beautifully acted by Hetal Gadda (sister) and Krrish Chhabria (brother). The two just live like normal kids on the screen.  The sister’s mission is to get her brother’s eye sight and the story revolves around this main theme. You get to sit on your arm chair and the screen unfolds with beautiful sandy deserts of Rajasthan as the back drop and paints the adventures of the kids in a way that will pull a string in your heart. Do watch it with your family and siblings.  I am rating this movie 6 stars.

Rated G images



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This is a powerful and confronting movie at many levels. The overriding theme is not a new one. Every liberty, freedom, choice and right comes with a responsibility. If you want to exercise your rights then you do so, understanding the responsibility that comes with it. It also explores the meaning of the word ‘NO’ in the context of men and women relationship.

In a country which is still evolving and adopting few western concepts without the safety net of the culture, or the protection of law, this is even more  an important issue.  There is a fine line, a  ‘Lakshman Rekha’ which needs to be accepted. Crossing the line is with peril and consequences which may be dire. Add to this the concept that the women’s body and its use is her ‘right’ not an ‘obligation’.

India is a land where one of the celebrated epic portraits a women being disrobed in front of her protectors and the learned and just men around her are keeping quiet! We have to change this image to one where women’s rights are protected by law and the society. No better way to enunciate this than with the medium of the movie. But, the movie also balances the issue by  highlighting the responsibility which goes with the right and the penalty for discarding it.

The location is New Delhi. Three young girls get into serious trouble and become one more case of ‘’victim of a crime is made to be the perpetrator’. The movie is about the case in a court of law. You feel you are sitting in the court and feeling the intensity of the drama that unfolds.

Gandhiji famously said freedom is about a woman walking alone at night. We are no where there. One may argue ‘I used to do so’. Either you are lucky or did not understand the risks. They are constant and present.  Better to err on the side of caution rather than get in to spiraling devastation.

IN my opinion, if you place the weight of all the roles Amitabh Bachchan has done and his role as the defense council on the other side, the scale will tilt on the ‘Pink’ side. Once in a life time role delivered spectacularly without over acting, sentimental overdose or ‘desi stereotype’. Mesmerizing performance supported by the cast, low key sets, lighting and the mood it creates.

The movie has Indian actors and they speak in Hindi and English. But the movie has relevance anywhere in the world. For the first time the Indian cinema steps out of the ‘stereo type’ clichés and main stream commercial recycling and has produced a good movie.

I believe men and women of certain age should watch this movie and so should all parents. It is a changing world and we need to change.

Superb movie for 15+. I am giving 5 stars only because it is the limit.

Watch it in a theater. Support this movie so that it will encourage others to produce non commercial chewing gums. Talk to your son and or daughter and get them to comprehend the society we live, their rights and responsibilities.

Water mark. Happens once in a way.


Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi (H)

“Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi” is a 2012 Bollywood romantic comedy starring Farah Khan, Boman IrSHIRIN_FARHAD_KI_TOH_NIKAL_PADI_posterani in the lead role. I laughed happily and enjoyed the time spent. Boman Irani provides a stellar performance and keeps it beautifully underdone.

Farhad Pastakia (Boman Irani) has a dream job as a bra-and-panty salesman. He is a 45-year old Parsi bachelor still living with his overbearing mother and grandmother. He wants to get married his mother is desperate to get him married but it is just not happening.

Then Farhad meets the woman of his dreams: Shirin Fugawala (‘Farah Khan’). The movie takes you through Farhad’s , Shirin and Farhad’s mothers interactions. When you just think Indian movies have lost the touch to produce movies like ‘Chit Chor’, comes SFKTNP like a refreshing summer breeze.  Good Movie.

5_Star_Rating_System_3_and_a_half_stars (1)M – Adult themes

Bajirao Mastani (H)


Before you read, if you are interested in grand movies see BM in a theater. This is no ordinary film you can watch on your TV or even home theatre. Two and a half hour of visual treat.

Maturity of anything is a gradual process. It takes years to move through good, better,best and achieve greatness. Occasionally the process takes a leap and covers lots of ground. BM is the big step.  Indian cinema is fast maturing in many aspect, specially in production of  grand historical. The cinematography and the scenes are memorable.

Sheer opulence, grandeur and majestic rendition of a piece of history perhaps with  cinematic licence. But who cares. Point is to get entertained.

So, who is entertaining you? In my mind Priyanka Chopra. Every time she comes on the frame you see  a very graceful ‘Kashi Bhai’. Maratha regal ladies must have looked like this. Her eyes ooze out love, affection and devotion for her hero. She brings out a streak of a normal person with normal failings. Beautiful in spectacular costumes, turns in  another wonderful performance. Yet, the role is underplayed and with no sentimental over dos. There is a scene (with brilliant Tanvi Azmi) when wryly laughing about Bajirao’s passion, she comments “We might as well be sewing green flags from now on’. This is the maturity of recent crop of Indian cinema, at least some of them. Watchout for the scene where she is sitting on the bank of a river with all the foliage and colours making a spectacular painting. I can’t place my finger but feel something was missing out on Ranvir’s performance. Blame it on me.

Dialogues by Prakash Kapadia, judge for yourself.

Heere mein heera ho toh usse kehte hai Kohinoor … Rao ka naam lete hi Kashi ke chehre par aata hai noor (The best of the diamonds is called as the Kohinoor … and Kashi’s face lights up when Rao’s name is called)

Aap humse hamari zindagi maang lete hum aapko khushi khushi de dete … par aapne toh humse hamara guroor cheen liya (If you would have asked even for my life, I would have given that happily … but you snatched my pride from me)

“Duniya ka har dharm mohabbat sikhata hai, Mohabbat ka koi dharm nahi hota. Mohabbat khud hi dharm hai” (All religions teach love, love has no religion and it is a religion in itself)

Then, Deepika’s mom tries to convince her not to go to Ranveer, reminding her that he already has a wife.
Deepika: “Patni to Radha bhi nahi thi, lekin Krishna ke saath log yaad use hi karte hain.”
Mom: “Wo bhagwan the!”
Deepika: “Aur ishq ibadat. Ibadat ke liye ijazat nahi li jaati.

Priyanaka, In the last scene asks Tanvir about his opponent, he says: “Bhagwan … kismet”. Just about summarises the movie.

BM’s music is good (unfortunately even here they play the songs very loud drowning any finesse you may hear), the costumes are splendid, the setting and scenes match any grand production.You are taken back in time to a different world and have a window seat watching the drama unfolding with all the glitz, colours, pomp and grandeur  for the price of a ticket.

Rating PGFour_thumb.jpg

Jab Tak Hai Jaan–Hindi


Jab Tak Hai Jaan Poster.jpg

Jab Tak Hai Jaan (English: As Long as There is Life, Hindi, 2012 directed by Yash Chopra featuring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in lead roles.

Boy (Sharukh) meets (where else : London) girl (Katrina). Boy likes girl, Girl likes boy. Then girl decides not to like boy. Boy goes back to India. New girl (Anushka) likes boy. Boy returns to London. Old girl now likes boy. All iz well. Stereotypical Hindi movie. Escapism at the heart. Lively cinematography. Good performance by Anushka. For a change you can watch Sharukh. Friday evening sit and go through movie.


Well done abba–Hindi


Shyam Benegal has directed this interesting movie. Another take on corruption in India. But what a twist. Armann Ali (Boman Irani), a driver working in Mumbai comes back to his village in AP to get his daughter (Minisha Lamba) married. Gets into the ‘chakkar’ of making a well with Government aid or what is left of it after all the bribes. Then the well gets stolen ! You ask ‘What’!?. See the movie. Boman (double role) and Minisha have given crisp performances and keeps you laughing. Refreshing to see Hindi movie makes venturing new grounds.  The inevitable romance is there but as a gentle and soft background. Hats off! to Boman. Minissha has done a good job too. Entertaining family movie.   Perhaps the title ‘Bawvdi ki Koj’ is more apt .  G ratedthreepointfive