Oopam (Malyalam)

Oppam_film_poster (1)

Oopam (Together) is a Malayalam crime thriller. The plot revolves around Jayaraman (Mohanlal), a blind lift operator and caretaker in an apartment building framed for a murder.

You see a simple blind lift operator with a good music sense. You hardly notice Mohan Lal. Time and time again he transforms as the part he his playing and drags you along his journey.  He, in my opinion, is a very good actor of present day Indian films. I am a fan of his acting and like his breezy style and realistic portrayals characteristic of many Malayalam heroes. He is special though.

The movie is intriguing with many sub plots and revolves around the abilities of Jayaraman to resolve the case. Some of the Kerala outdoor scenes will impres you.

Interesting movie and lives up to regular movie watcher’s expectations.

Watch it.

Rating: MA

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