Les Femmes du 6ème étage (French)–Women on the 6th floor


Monsieur Joubert (played wonderfully by  Fabrice Luchini) is not your every day French romantic hero. He is the garden variety, middle aged man with bulges appearing every where. He is a successful stockbroker who takes a human interest on the Spanish maids who live on the 6th floor of his apartment building introduced by his maid Maria (Natalia Verbeke). With the maids he finds normal and happy life in contrast to his own reserved upper class French mediocrity.

The movie is classic French. There are no curtains, violins, candle lights and unwanted emotional over dose. It portraits the drama as it is. Straight and simple. There lies the beauty of French film making and this is a lovely.

Good movie for Friday night.

Rating: M (sexual reference, adult themes)3-STARS_thumb.jpg


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