Mr & Mrs Sailaja Krishnamurthy–Telugu

Mr Mrs shilaja

This is a 2004 release but joins the category of movies with evergreen appeal. This is an excellent family movie with no violence.

An atheist Krishna Murthy (Sivaji) travels to Annavaram on the  insistence of his aunt (Rama Prabha). An extremely religious girl  Sailaja (Laila) is also traveling to Annavaram to visit the temple of Lord Satyanarayana. They happen to be in the same train compartment. At Annavaram, to get a room they are forced to register as husband and wife (Mr. & Mrs Sailaja Krishna Murthy).

Due to circumstance they are separated without proper good bye and without any contact details. Back to their normal life Sailaja and Krishna Murthy realize that they had fallen in love. They start searching for each other in Hyderabad city.

Good performance by Laila and Sivaji brings the characters to life. Host of comedians put up a lively performance.  The outdoor shooting at Annavaram adds to the interest. Good family movie, humorous and romance with a twist.

Rating: Gthreepointfive_thumb.jpg


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