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The Physician

Imagine this. It is Saturday night, you are sitting in front of your TV, the fire is warm and your are flicking Netflix and looking for a good movie, a movie that you want to watch  which is absorbing and transcends you to 1000s of years back to medieval age. You want to watch ‘The Physician’. The Physician (German: Der Medicus) is a 2013 German Physicianadventure film based on the novel of the same name by Noah Gordon. The movie focuses on an orphan from 11th-century English town whose mother died of a mysterious illness. The boy vows to study medicine and decides to travel to Persia. Starring Ben Kingsley (what a star!) and Tome Payne, this movie is a spectacular visual treat and you will get immersed in the drama as it unfolds. The movie captures the squalid life of the poor in 11the century London, the splendour of Persia in the golden age and above all tells a story of one man pursuing his dream, against all odds . The story deviates quiet a bit from the Book (which is a very good read, by the way), but keeps true to the essence of the story. Must watch.

Rating M (Sex scene, Adult themes, Medical Procedures)