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Philomena (E)


Movies are called that because some thing moves on the screen and some times  something inside you. Judi Dench slowly takes you along with her on a beautiful journey which ends where it all started. A journey which questions God, Church, Sex, Parenting, Church, anger, and simply defines ‘Love’. Serious and meaningful movie.

Great actors don’t act they get you a window seat in to some characters life for you to immerse and feel all that the character feels.  Added to the drama is the back cloth of bleak, grey and beautiful winter landscape of Ireland. Good movie.

M – Occasional Course Language, Adult themes.



Neerparavai–Sea Bird (T)


This is a wonderful movie, sensitive, moving and very appealing. Each frame feels like a painting.The story is about a young fisherman and his love. Very easily this movie can fall into category of  ‘Boy meets Girl’ stereotypical and badly made Tamil movie, but it does not. The story telling is simple and crisp. Excellent acting by Vishnu (MBA, Cricketer turned actor!) ,Sunaina and Nadita Das. The movie was shot in Manapad and Kulasekharapattinam and is a visual treat. Music score and songs are good and will find their way into your favorites list. Good Saturday night entertainer. Must watch a very good print to appreciate the visual treat by cinematographer Balasubramaniem.

Rated G – few binge drinking scenes.


22 Female Kottyam (22 year old female from Kottayam–M)


This is a serious movie, thriller, handling a very sensitive topic and a very good production. Story of a 22 year old Malayalee nurse (Rima Kallingal), raped, framed, and terribly let down. What happens next and the way the story unfolds on the screen gets a big tick. Movie is crisp and gripping without the stereotypical sentimental overdose of typical Indian movies. Malayalam movie makers are experimenting and coming off top deck.  Excellent performance by Rima Kllingal and Fahadh Faasil.  Not suitable for youngsters.

Watch it, MA15+ Violence and a rape scene.


Ayalum Njanum Thammil (Between him and me–M)


This is a splendid Malayalam movie released on Oct 2012. This box office hit is a thriller directed by Lal Jose. Sterling performances by Pratap Bothan (yes the old one) and Prithviraj. Can’t say too much about the movie with the risk of giving it away. Refreshing movie which surprises you all the way. Cinematography is beautiful with landscape in Iddiki as the background. Movie only Malayalees can make. Hats off!. Here is a teaser.

An young girl is brought to the hospital seriously ill. She needs an immediate operation, which the doctor (Prithiviraj) performs without the parents consent.  The girl dies! …