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De l’autre côté du lit (English: Changing Sides) – FRENCH


This crisp French comedy is about married couple, Hugo (Danny Boon) and Ariane (Sophie Marceau, gorgeous), who want to change the nuptial banality and  agree to exchange their professional lives. She becomes the executive to control a building rental company and he takes up his wife’s door-to-door jewellery  sales job along with household chores. Outrageous comedy which keeps the viewer laughing. Ah!, the French, how do they make such simple and sublime movies.

Start the fire, sit comfortably on a cold winter days and get thoroughly warmed and relaxed.



Bhaag Milka Bhaag – Hindi


I knew Farhan Akhtar was acting in the movie but I rarely noticed. I only saw Milka Singh, his agony, his triumphs, his fears, his passion, his love, his determination, his patriotism and above all his soul. This is a once in a life time chance and Farhan has delivered a sensational performance. The movie is simple, underplayed and sticks to the core theme ‘Milka Bhaag’. Lovely cameos by support cast. Prakash Raj needs 10 seconds to make his mark. So many others too.The movie runs for three hours and you hardly notice.

I always wondered will I ever feel like rating Five Stars for any movie. Here is one. If you can see only one movie, I recommend this.   JAI HIND.


Julayi – Telugu

220px-Julai_poster If you want watch action, great comedy, good music, reasonable     acting and entertaining movie, all ion one, here is your answer. Allu Arjun and IIleana D”Cruz with the usual Telugu cast have come up with a pure escapism. I laughed heartily for a good two hours. Allu is a good dancer and reasonable actor. Boy! Illeana, ‘Is she the most waisty actress?’.

Get yourself a good print and watch and laugh.